Annual Report 2016

We are pleased to share with you the Year in Review 2016 annual report from the Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability. This report (attached) provides an outline of office accomplishments in 2016 and projects underway carrying into 2017. This past year was a productive one for the Office. We are deeply appreciative of our government, community, and private partners who worked alongside our office to make 2016 a success. Key achievements this year include:

  • Successful award of a $60 million federal grant from the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC) to increase resiliency in Shelby County. This grant application was submitted in partnership with the Shelby County Division of Public Works and Department of Housing. The funds will be used in three areas with unmet recovery needs from the 2011 flooding to improve flood protection, recreational amenities, and connectivity through greenways; the funds will also be used to develop a Regional Resilience Strategy. Keep an eye out for updates and the latest information on public meetings for this effort on the Resilient Shelby website
  • Passage of a resolution that requires each proposed project in the Shelby County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget include a sustainability impact statement to identify how projects promote sustainability best practices including: reduction of reduction in energy consumption, production of renewable energy, waste reduction or recovery, recycling or use of recycled materials, green infrastructure to handle stormwater runoff or flooding, reduction in water consumption, and alternative transportation, including greenway trails, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian facilities;
  • Completion of a baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the city of Memphis, including estimated emissions from stationary sources (buildings), mobile sources (on-road and off-road transportation), solid waste disposal, and provision and treatment of water and wastewater;
  • Successful implementation of the We Sustain Shelby campaign that encouraged residents to complete actions at home or work to cut energy use, reduce waste, and be better stewards of the environment;
  • Completion of a Low Impact Development (LID) interactive map that showcases LID projects across the county;
  • Increase in county buildings (17 total) served by deskside recycling in partnership with Shelby County Division of Corrections and Division of Public Works, resulting in collection of over 325 tons of recyclable materials to date;
  • Completion of a Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment for the South City area in partnership with the Division of Housing and Community Development and Global Green;

We have several great projects planned for 2017 and look forward to growing our relationships in the community toward a more sustainable Memphis and Shelby County. Thank you for your continued support and interest in the Office of Sustainability.