Environmental Design & Plant Materials: Low Impact Development (LID)/Green Infrastructure


Designing Sustainable Landscapes(link is external) - watch a series of videos from ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects)

Greenroof(link is external) - calculate money saved if a greenroof were on your building

Guide for Low Impact Development(link is external) - guide for municipalities

Installing a Rain Garden(link is external) - how-to design and install a rain garden at your home

Low Impact Development construction(link is external) - instructional video

Low Impact Development sketches(link is external) - sketches of stormwater designs

Memphis-Shelby County Low Impact Development Conference & Design Competition - view lecture materials & designs from the competition

Mulch(link is external) - resource on how much mulch and what type of mulch for projects

National Stormwater Calculator(link is external) - EPA's new tool for stormwater calculations

Native Plant List(link is external) - TDEC's list of West TN native plants (landscape alternatives)

Native Rain Garden Plants for TN - See TN Smart Yard's list of plants

Native Plant Alternatives(link is external) - TDEC's list of TN invasive plants and their alternative for planting

Rain Barrel - Watch WKNO's The Family Plot to see a demonstration of how to create a rain barrel

Saving money with Green Infrastructure(link is external) - a guide on how you can save money

Stormwater Case Studies(link is external) - 479 case studies from ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects)

Stormwater Resources(link is external) - reference for the Southeast

Stormwater Quiz show(link is external) - game show for the classroom environment

Value of Green Infrastructure(link is external) - a guide

Rain Garden PowerPoint document for use in educational sessions -  This is a 30 min presentation that can be used for homeowner groups.  For Mary's version click here