Recycling & Green Materials

*Comprehensive Recycling Brochure for Shelby County* - click here for a printable version (list of drop-off locations)

ARCATgreen(link is external) - Green Materials Directory

City of Memphis Recycling(link is external) - Information for City of Memphis Residents & Public Works homepage

Crosslink Memphis(link is external) - Recycle still usable medical items for use overseas

Collierville Recycling(link is external) & new recycling program(link is external) - list of acceptable materials for the Town of Collierville

Compost Program for a School(link is external) - manual for how to start a food scrap collection and compost pile for a school

Household Hazardous Waste(link is external) - take hazardous items here to be recycled, see acceptable item list(link is external)

Ink and toner recycling(link is external) - this company will provide you with pre-paid shipping to recycle your cartridges

Materials Exchange Program(link is external) - find a market for your business' industrial by-products, surplus, and waste

Memphis Recycling Program - click here for complete list of what can be recycled curbside in both the rolling carts & tan bins

Recycle regular batteries - Earth 911 has great information on single-use battery disposal/recycling. Lowe's stores take rechargeable batteries. Home Depot takes tool batteries and Batteries Plus takes speciality batteries

Recycle ipods(link is external) - Donate ipods for use in nursing homes to assist dementia patients

Recycle Ink & TonerThe Quill is a business that accepts mailed in ink and toner

Recycle old cellphones - cell phones can go back to their provider, to the Household Hazardous Waste facility, or the Memphis Zoo (lobby of the Administration building) who collects cellphones as a fundraiser for their gorilla habitat.  (link is external)

Recycle old cell phones(link is external) - Donate your old phone to help victims of domestic violence

Recycle old computers(link is external) - Memphis Goodwill will responsibly recycle your computer for free or refurbish it for resale in their stores

Recycle Dell computers - Mail in your Dell computer for recycling (free home pick up, but postage does apply)

Recycle Styrofoam & old electronics(link is external) - TheCyberYard will take any amount of e-waste and Styrofoam at their facility on 893 South Third St.

Recycle old electronics(link is external) - BestBuy stores in Memphis will take up to 3 items of certain e-waste for free

Recycle old electronics(link is external) - Staples stores in Memphis will take up to 6 items of certain e-waste for free

(link is external)

Recycle school clothes(link is external) - send in your brand name clothes and 40% of the profits will go to your school

Recycling packing peanuts(link is external) - reuse them or consider giving to a packaging company for reuse

Shelby County Tire Recycling Center(link is external) – information about tire recycling

Start a Recycling Program in your School(link is external) - information on how to get started

University of Memphis Recycling - In addition to its all-in-one recycling program offered on campus, the University of Memphis also accepts styrofoam and batteries, ink/toner cartridges, CD/DVDs, old keys, and small electronics. More information on recyclables available here

Unwanted prescriptions(link is external)- can be dropped off at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Station, 11670 Memphis-Arlington Rd in Arlington.  Flushing medication is not advised since it could contaminate the water table.  In its first month of operation, 100 pounds of medication were collected.  For questions call 901-222-5400.

Unwanted Prescription Bottles - send to this non-profit who will send them to Malawi so doctors there can give out medicine in a waterproof container instead of wrapping it in newspaper